Association of German Architects BDA Aachen together with the Chair of Housing of the RWTH Aachen University, the Association of Dutch Architects BNA Zuid and in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, the Technical University Eindhoven, the University of Liege and the University of Hasselt.

Occasion and purpose of this ideas competition
In 2020 Aachen’s neighbouring region on the Dutch side of the border will host an International Building Exhibition, the so called IBA Parkstad. Next to the urbanized region of Parkstad Limburg – a partnership of 8 municipalities in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine of the Dutch province of Limburg – also the neighbouring “Städteregion Aachen” will be included. Central theme of the IBA concept is the sustainable social and structural change of this former mining region.

The promotors like to use this opportunity to organize an ideas competition that aims at the development of concepts for innovative ways of dwelling in the urbanized regions and cities of the future. And as such to open a discussion about future lifestyles, it’s corresponding forms of dwelling and the social and technological innovations that might encourage such developments. A discussion that should also initiate a process leading towards a more innovative housing policy and housing development and as such open up more possibilities for experimentation and alternative lifestyles.

As a contribution to the IBA Parkstad 2020 exhibition at least 1 prototype should be realized as an exhibit on scale 1:1, which will then be evaluated and optimized as a “living lab”. As such this prototype should become part of the long standing tradition of “Experimental Housing Units”, like for instance Le Corbusier’s “Pavillon de l’Esprit Nouveau” of 1925 or Alison and Peter Smithson’s “House of he Future” of 1956.

Admission Area
Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The competition language is English.

Participant’s eligibility
The competition aims to promote young colleagues – architects, interior designers and researchers – who are normally disadvantaged in competitions and contests. Eligible are only “Young Professionals”, that is, entrants who on 31.12.2015 didn’t yet reach the age of 40 years.

The competition’s task touches on a variety of disciplines in the humanities, so forming multidisciplinary design teams is recommended. A holistic, transdisciplinary approach is expected. The age restrictions apply to all architects, interior designers and researchers of the team. Responsible must be at least one architect who has the authorization to independently exercise the profession of architect in accordance with the applicable national laws.

Each participant can submit only one project.

Type of Competition
The competition is designed as a tri-national open ideas competition with 2 phases.